Result of Transfection


A plus, SFA P-reagent

This is the data of SFA P-reagent and ScreenFectA plus. SFA P-reagent enhances a transfection efficiency and an expression level.

Cell Name

A549    Cell lines Adherent Human

Tissue : Human Caucasian lung carcinoma

Molecules for transfection Plasmid DNA
Cell Culture Scale 24 wells
Amount of Transfected Molecule 0.5μg/well (DNA : Reagent = 1 : 3)
Amount of Transfection Reagent 1.5μl/well (DNA : Reagent = 1 : 3)
Cell Culture Medium D-MEM (Low Glucose)[code No. 041-29775]
Serum FCS
Serum Content 10%
Antibiotic Unused
Additive Unused
Medium Change (Before transfection) Undone
Medium Change (After transfection) -
Cell Detachment Undone at transfection
Cell Dissociation Reagent Unused
Cell Viability Unmeasured
Detection Method Fluorescence microscope Flow Cytometer
Detection Time after Transfection 24hr
Transfection Efficiency 18%
Transfection Method 2-STEP method (Forward method)
Comment Medium volume:530μl(Medium 450μl+SF-DNA complex 80μl)
Transfected molecule:YFP
Cell number:75,000 cells/well (2-STEP method)
SFA P-reagent:1 μl/well (Use 2μl of SFA P-reagent per 1μg of DNA.)
Transfection Efficiency (FCM)
ScreenFect A:43%
ScreenFect A plus:39%
ScreenFect A plus+SFA P-reagent:54%
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