Result of Transfection


A plus

DNA and siRNA can be transfected into general experimental cell strains, stem cells, blood cells, microglia, primary (initial subculture) cells, and insect cells. The optimization range (DNA : reagent ratio) is more flexible than ScreenFect™A, and transfection efficiency is also improved.

Cell Name

MDCK II    Cell lines Adherent Dog

Tissue : Kidney

Notes :

Molecules for transfection Plasmid DNA
Cell Culture Scale 6 wells
Amount of Transfected Molecule 2 μg/well
Amount of Transfection Reagent 5 μl/well
Cell Culture Medium D-MEM(High Glucose)[code No. 043-30085]
Serum FBS
Serum Content 10%
Antibiotic 100 μg/ml penicilin, 100 U/ml stretpmysin
Additive -
Medium Change (Before transfection) -
Medium Change (After transfection) Done
Cell Detachment Undone at transfection
Cell Dissociation Reagent Trypsin-EDTA
Cell Viability 80~90%
Detection Method GFP
Detection Time after Transfection 24hr
Transfection Efficiency 40% - 30%
Transfection Method 2-STEP method (Forward method)
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