Result of Transfection



DNA and siRNA can be transfected into general experimental cell strains, stem cells, blood cells, microglia, primary (initial subculture) cells, and insect cells.

Cell Name

A549    Cell lines Adherent Human

Tissue : Human Caucasian lung carcinoma

Molecules for transfection Plasmid DNA
Cell Culture Scale 24 wells
Amount of Transfected Molecule 0.5μg/well (DNA : Reagent = 1 : 3)
Amount of Transfection Reagent 1.5μl/well (DNA : Reagent = 1 : 3)
Cell Culture Medium D-MEM (Low Glucose)[code No. 041-29775]
Serum FBS
Serum Content 10%
Antibiotic Unused
Additive Unused
Medium Change (Before transfection) Undone
Medium Change (After transfection) -
Cell Detachment Done at transfection
Cell Dissociation Reagent Trypsin-EDTA (0.25w/w% Trypsin-1mmol/L EDTA [code No. 209-16941])
Cell Viability Unmeasured
Detection Method Fluorescence microscope Flow Cytometer
Detection Time after Transfection 24hr
Transfection Efficiency 1%
Transfection Method 1-STEP method (Reverse method)
Comment Medium volume:530μl(Medium 450μl+SF-DNA complex 80μl)
Transfected molecule:YFP
Cell number:150,000 cells/well (1-STEP method)

Transfection Efficiency (FCM)
ScreenFect A:0.7%
ScreenFect A plus:8%
ScreenFect A plus+SFA P-reagent:8%
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