Result of Transfection


A plus, SFA P-reagent

This is the data of SFA P-reagent and ScreenFectA plus. SFA P-reagent enhances a transfection efficiency and an expression level.

Cell Name

3T3-L1    Cell lines Adherent Mouse

Tissue : Derived from 3T3-Swiss mouse fibroblast

Molecules for transfection DNA
Cell Culture Scale -
Amount of Transfected Molecule -
Amount of Transfection Reagent -
Cell Culture Medium -
Serum -
Serum Content -
Antibiotic -
Additive -
Medium Change (Before transfection) -
Medium Change (After transfection) -
Cell Detachment -
Cell Dissociation Reagent
Cell Viability -
Detection Method No Data
Detection Time after Transfection -
Transfection Efficiency -
Transfection Method 1-STEP method (Reverse method)